Google AMP In News Department More than Than Doubles Ranking Results

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AMP in Google News Results Skyrockets Globally

AMP in News Results – Historic Data

As I mentioned, when nosotros first started tracking AMP within Google’south mobile News Box, the number of AMP optimized articles was not exactly overwhelming, and of course as a new concept, that made a lot of sense. On our very starting time day of tracking AMP within mobile news results, we showed information for 3 countries (the The states, U.k., and Espana), with the highest percentage of AMP in news results amongst them existence 17.75% (UK).

Baseline AMP in news results data

In truth, the numbers did non increase to the extent you may have expected them to as fourth dimension went on (peculiarly considering the accent Google has placed on AMP). By the stop of 2016, AMP had however to regularly approach the majority of news results, with many countries being a long way from the l% mark.

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AMP in New Box End of 2016 Data

Global AMP within news results information every bit of the end of 2016

Fact is, countries like Australia and Germany even so showed mobile News Boxes with less than 1/5 of the results beingness AMP past December 31, 2016. In the case of Australia, AMP hadn’t appeared inside their Google news results until August 2016, a good v months later AMP entered
Top Stories
in the US.

AMP in Google News Results Spikes to New Heights

With the historical data above in mind, it seems that AMP’due south fortune inside new results has dramatically changed. As of today, of the 12 countries nosotros bear witness displaying AMP news results, only one (Japan) has a mobile News Box containing less than fifty% AMP results inside it.

AMP News Results Global Data

As of Jan xxx, 2017 only Japan displays less than 50% AMP results within Google’s News Box

More often than not taking place betwixt Jan 26th and 29th, we beginning tracked the increment in AMP optimized new results in the US. Where on January the 25th we had seen only about 30% of mobile News Box results in the US showing as AMP, that number more than doubled via a lxx% showing on January 29th.

AMP News Results USA Spike

AMP within news results more than doubles in the US between January 26 – 29

This data event was replicated across the globe with huge increases across the lath. Take France for example, on January 25 – 26 AMP within news results was statistically 0%. Yet, just a few days later 78% of all News Box results on the French mobile SERP were AMP.

AMP News Results Global Spike

AMP within Google’s mobile News Box spikes globally to new data heights

Just by style of instance and looking at data from 14 days out as a baseline, AMP within Google’s mobile New Box increased fifteenfold in Australia, sevenfold in Italia, sixfold in Federal republic of germany, and more doubled in the Great britain.

Saving the all-time for last, 100% of all the results in Google’due south mobile News Box on the Indian SERP are now AMP. Just consider that every bit of Jan 1st, Republic of india did not show any AMP manufactures inside mobile’south
Top Stories.

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All News Box Result AMP in India

All of the results within Google’s News Box in Republic of india are now AMP

Google News Box – Going All in for AMP

The spectacularly steep spikes in news oriented AMP results begs the obvious question…. is Google going all in for AMP within its news results? Pregnant, is the recent global AMP spike indicative that Google desires all its mobile newsresults to be AMP? Does the global spike in the number of AMP optimized News Boxes reflect a push for the format to completely takeover Google’s news cards and carousels on a global basis? If and then, the implications for publishers are simply huge and presents them with the message that they need to go AMP or fade abroad to SERP irrelevancy in so far as News Box results are concerned. Regardless, the recent data should exist enough to tell publishers that are not on board with AMP equally of yet to quickly climb aboard.



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