D-Wave plans to send a 2,000-qubit quantum computer in ’17

D-Wave’s new computer will have double the qubits and upwards to one,000 times the performance of its earlier model

D-Wave Systems

Forget PCs and servers: D-Wave Systems is looking into the future with its quantum calculator, upwardly to 1,000 times faster than an earlier model.

The visitor will outset shipping a breakthrough computer with 2,000 qubits, twice the size of its electric current i,000-qubit D-Wave 2X. The D-Wave 2X is considered one of the well-nigh advanced computers in the globe today.

The two,000-qubit quantum computer volition be 500 to 1000 times faster than its predecessor, said Jeremy Hilton, senior vice president of systems at D-Wave.

An even larger breakthrough computer based on a whole new processor design will come out two to three years afterward that, Hilton said.

Today’s PCs and servers could ultimately exist replaced by a quantum computer, which has been researched for decades. Beyond D-Wave, companies similar IBM are too building breakthrough computers.

D-Wave deployed what was considered the first quantum computer in 2011, and its systems have been purchased by Google, Lockheed Martin, NASA, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

The ultimate goal is to develop a universal breakthrough computer, which is being pursued past IBM. There are many means to build quantum computers, and D-Wave’s organisation — which is based on the concept of quantum annealing — is aimed at specific tasks. IBM’s using a dissimilar model to build quantum computers that tin can run multiple applications, much like PCs.

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A larger processor will boost the computing capability of the upcoming D-Moving ridge breakthrough system, which could speed upwardly applications like machine learning, engineering and software validation, Hilton said.

D-Wave is still discovering uses for its quantum computer. Los Alamos National Laboratory bought a D-Moving ridge system to report new computer designs and uses. Google is using the estimator for machine learning and other applications. D-Wave is also offering remote access to its quantum computer to specific users.

Ane promising area is automobile learning. D-Moving ridge itself isn’t a machine learning company, but it is developing models that could meliorate epitome classification, generation, and analysis. D-Moving ridge besides sees uses of the quantum figurer in the wellness and finance sectors.

In the futurity, it’ll exist possible for breakthrough computers to swiftly recognize a person in images as soon as the images are uploaded. The process should be much faster than with today’s servers.

D-Wave is hosting a user meeting next week to encourage software evolution for its quantum computer. The development can happen using common languages like C++ and using pop machine learning models like TensorFlow and Caffe.

The company wants to make it easier for programmers to transition to a new type of computer by using conventional coding models, Hilton said.

Quantum computers utilise different hardware than today’s PCs simply building them has been difficult because qubits, central to the systems, can be unpredictable. PCs typically store data in 1s and 0s, but qubits tin be shop data in multiple states, which allows quantum computers to do more calculations simultaneously.

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Qubits harness the laws of quantum mechanics to achieve various states, but are unstable and can quickly get out of command with the smallest of interruptions or disturbances. The instability could affect applications like genome sequencing, which need sustained processing capabilities for long periods.

The behavior or land of qubits — whether it’ll exist a i or nil or some other state — is hard to predict in one case they start interacting, or “entangling.” Notwithstanding, D-Wave has achieved a level of consistency in stabilizing the logical qubits in its quantum computers. The qubits are loaded in a controlled environment that is cooled and heavily pressurized.

Some critics have argued that D-Wave’due south technique isn’t true breakthrough computing, while other researchers accept validated the method. Either way, D-Wave is providing a powerful computer benefiting its customers.

D-Wave is besides going later the universal quantum calculating model, Hilton said. Simply the brusque-term goal is to discover more use models in areas like bogus intelligence where D-Wave’s quantum figurer might hold promise.

With all the hype of breakthrough computers, PCs and servers won’t become away anytime soon. More research is needed to build a universal quantum computer. The merely competition to D-Wave is IBM, which is offering cloud-based access to a 5-qubit processor for people to experiment with.

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